Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Browns are back! No they're not!

Romeo's view after the Cincinnati game

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, especially in light of the results of the past few weeks. All I can say is putting food on the table takes precedence, unfortunately. The roller coaster ride that is the Cleveland Browns has officially begun (I'm sure someone else has already used this analogy)! However, the drops on this ride are usually much steeper and last longer than any hills that it does get to the top of. First, we’ll detail the Bengals’ game briefly. This game was exactly like the Chiefs’ game of last year. No expectations were on the team, so what to do they do? Go out and play like gangbusters and take it to a superior team (supposedly). This only pertains to the offense, but holy smokes, that was awesome. Every single thing you expect from this team in terms of effort and execution came to fruition in one beautiful 60 minute display. Our playmakers made plays, our line blocked effectively in both the run and pass, our running back ran like it was 2003, and our coach showed some semblance of emotion. Our defense? Well, that’s another topic for another novel (a horror story, with multiple grisly killings and missed assignments in the secondary).

Anyways, games like this gives us fans a glimmer of hope and we start thinking, maybe, just maybe, this team is starting to turn the corner and put it together. And then the first car in the roller coaster clears the top of the hill, and you know what happens after that. Another kick in the nuts. Seriously, that is exactly what the Raiders game and every other game following a victory has been since 2003. The effort they put forward last Sunday was a kick in the collective groins of everyone that roots for the Brown and Orange. Maybe not giving a crap or overconfidence or whatever you want to call that display of effort is part of the growing process (which I've heard suggested). But if it is, the Browns should be about 50 feet tall with 60 inch pipes from all the “growing” that’s been going on since I can remember. I say this based on only the hearsay and 2nd hand accounts I’ve read and here’s why: I didn’t watch the game this weekend. Before you get on my case, I have a very good reason. I was in Chicago visiting family and actually trying to enjoy my Sunday in the Windy City. I was planning on watching the game when I got home and had it DVR’d and ready to go for when I got back to DC. I refused to even watch the Sunday night Bears game (Rex Grossman has to be Chuck Frye’s brother from another mother) until they had put tape over the scoreboard ticker on the late afternoon games before I sat down in front of the TV. Just as I had sat down, though, CBS cut into a game breaking moment and it was none other than our Browns getting ready to kick the game winning field goal over the Raiders. “Turn it!!!” I shrieked to my brother-in-law and he obliged. But, after thinking for a split second, I said, “to hell with it, turn it back.” I then saw a field goal attempt that had all the effort and intensity of Rosie O’Donnell resisting a second trip to the buffet line or Ben Roethlisberger not trying to look ugly. Seriously, the blocking looked like a no-contact run-through for a high school team the night before the big game. And then I saw some d0u#he with a single bar facemask in a Brown's uniform give a pathetic attempt at scooping it up and running (I know who he is). Piss poor. And you know what? I am so glad I did. Just by seeing that one play, I saved myself wasting 4 hours of my life when I got back home to see that horrible ending. I don’t know what it is, but how is it that we are usually the only team on the field that takes at least a quarter to “get it” and get competitive? Is this coaching? Is this the players? I don’t know but somebody needs to figure this out and fast.

I know I promised myself I wouldn’t go into any more games after that first one with any expectations. After that Cincy game, I couldn’t help but to have just a small amount of hope and excitement like everyone else, but once again, that is officially out the door. On a side note, Chicago is fast becoming my second favorite city. I had one of the best Saturday afternoons I can remember sporting-wise. I started the day off at an Ohio State Bakery and followed that up with a trip to an Ohio State Bar for brunch and to hang out with some fellow Buckeyes before the game that afternoon. After downing a few adult beverages, including my first Old Style, I then went to my first Cubs game. Wow is all I can say about it. We had seats 3 rows behind the bullpen for the Cubs and the interaction that Wrigley Field provides to the players is awesome. You can seriously reach out and grab them. I love the Jake and have nothing but awesome memories of the 90’s and the sellouts that made those games awesome, but being in Wrigley during a Pennant race with a packed house was just breath-taking. You could just feel the collective will of everyone in that place take the Cubs’ play to another level. And to top it all off, they wailed on that Inbred Valley surrounded by 3 Rivers. Beautiful. After that, we made our way back to the Buckeye Bar and then watched with about 100 OSU fans the butt-whipping of a lifetime given to the unfortunate Northwestern Wildcats. It was also funny to see Appalachian State T-shirts everywhere and even on sale in the Big-Ten Store in the OSU section. At least one of the football teams I root for doesn’t suck out loud. Even my wife and brother and sister in-law , all yinzers, can sit through those games. Now before anyone starts calling me a turncoat or anything, I love Cleveland and I am certain if our city ever got its act together, we could transform our Lakefront and surrounding area into what Chicago has (hasn’t this been suggested for about 20 years now? Our city government continues to suck).

Congratulations to the Indians and the AL Central Pennant! I, like just about everyone else from our beloved city, devotes way too much time and attention to the loser that is masquerading as our Browns and way too little time to this team that has come together and has one of the best starting rotations in the majors and a 2 deep bullpen that is lights out (I’m leaving Joe Borowski out of the “lights out” description). Even sub-par years from Grady and Hafner didn’t prevent this team from coming together, getting timely hitting when it had to and winning. I am very proud of them and I wish them the best. I know I had said before that I was tired of watching this team because I know what’s going to happen, but a post-season disappointment is much better than a total disappointment (I’m talking to you, Romeo).
For this upcoming game against the Ravens, here's my original prediction :
September 30
W, 35-3
Matt Stover holds off shutout, Brian Billick acts smug
I am definitely sticking to this one. Chalk up another big day for Derek Anderson and the Brownies!
I’m going to end this rambling post with one side note. I predicted the Browns would put up 56 vs Cincinnati. I should have bet that and given 5 points in Vegas. Darn it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Goodbye, Charlie!

Just read this on Charlie never lived up to expectations here and even though I am all for sticking through a rough patch in hopes of positive returns, it didn't look like it was going to happen with him. Best of luck to you, but it needed to be done.

This is a joke, right?

I just found this article on the Cleveland Brown's site. Seriously, who approved an article like this?

Monday, September 10, 2007



Seriously, what the h&ll was that? In my heart of hearts, I didn't expect a win, but I did expect a competitive game where we came out and pretended like we cared. There were tons of things wrong with this game, but the thing that stood out the most in my mind and I think is the most troubling was the quarterback play. It seemed like Charlie had ample time on at least 3 of the sacks and just held on to the stupid ball too long. Maybe the synapses just don't fire quickly enough up there to be a starting quarterback in this league. Also, I know a lot of people are hanging Sean Jones out there to dry because he showed up Brodney Pool on that ridiculously easy 40 yd completion for a TD, but I am glad he did it. At least someone back there cares. There is no freakin way a slot receiver should be that wide open when you are running cover 2. It looked to me like Mr Pool had his sights set on blowing up somebody on a running play and forgot his most important responsibility. When you screw up that bad, someone should be pissed. Mr. Wright, soft coverage probably works on Mountain West receivers almost all the time, but against NFL receivers, if that's all you're comfortable with, well, nice knowing ya (I know it's his first game, but I'm annoyed at everyone this morning).

I blame myself for believing the hype that this would be an improved team and things are looking up for the future. I'm not saying we would have won, but with a competent QB in there, our receivers aren't turning around to try to catch passes and maybe we can keep a drive alive. Also, 4 penalties on one play? I have never seen that in all my years of playing or watching football. That is a testament to bringing in a special teams coach whose squad was near the bottom last year. Romeo, the rest is on you. Cook, clean, do something, anything!! There were 2 players who played like they gave a poop, Kellen Winslow and Antwan Peek. Thanks to you 2, and everyone else can get bent. It made me sick to my stomach seeing ugly Ben on the sidelines in the 4th quarter laughing it up like he just found out they finally legalized inner-family marriage in Allegheny County.
wait a second, getting sacked is a bad thing?

Finally, I guess it's a good thing this happened so quickly this year, so I have absolutely no more expectations for the rest of the year and save myself countless kicks of my son's toys across the family room. I wonder if the Browns will give me a refund for the 250.00 I waste every year to watch them 3 states away? I take that back, they should have given refunds first to everyone at the door. Seriously, I think every fan that made the effort to get down there put more effort into being there than the players did.

Addendum: Just read the Munilot and one of the posts jogged my memory on this one too: Lawrence Vickers, you are a grade A jackass. When Kellen Winslow is coming over to you and gesturing, "Okay, Okay, get moving..." that is probably a good cue to stop. Butthead.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Time to start caring again

coach...Starting coach.

Hi Everyone,

Well, the preseason has come and gone and I seriously tried to pay as little attention to it as possible. Sure, I watched the games on the NFL Network and got to hear a drunk Bernie Kosar make some really good points and and provide some spot-on analysis, but aside from that, I tried to stay away from it. I want to go into this season with no or low expectations so when the losing does start, I won't kick too many of my son's toys across the living room. I do think we'll be better, but that's like saying you're the tallest midget. Big deal. Seriously, how many of us will be ready to call the season a total loss after week 1 if we get our taints handed to us by the Stee___ (I can't bring myself to write it). Please just be competitive this week, Brownies. Is that too much to ask?
One more thing, Leigh Bodden, you are an idiot. I don't care who you're picking up. The response by the police may have been a little excessive, but you are still an idiot. I can't stand it when people at an airport think the rules don't apply to them.

Anyways, after the draft, I did a quick game by game analysis of this upcoming season with my predictios for each game. It's right here . As promised, I will review each of my predictions and also add any additional insight I can for every game. Some of the predictions won't come true, obviously, so I will address these and issue new ones.

Here was the prediction for the first game:


W, 42-0 - Quinn throws for 450 yds in debut

I am still sticking to my score prediction. However, I may have to change the side note on this one unless Charlie Frye goes down on the first drive.

So here's my new prediction:

As of kickoff at 1:05 pm on Sunday, September 9th, Pittsburgh will still suck.


Ben Roethlishoofer will still have a bulbous nose.

Stay tuned next week for some post-game analysis!

By the way, wasn't it a great to be an Ohio football fan last week? We more than held our own against the entire country in Kirk Hirbstreit's Ohio vs. USA High School Football Challenge, Ohio State won, Mount Union set a college record for most points scored in a quarter (as a former D3er, please believe me when I say every school prays that these guys don't end up on your non-conference schedule, I'd love to see them matched up against a 1-AA team some time).

But the piece-de-resistance of last weekend was seeing the team up north get some Deliverance treatment by a 1 - AA TEAM!!!!! It doesn't get any better than that. All I can say to the administration up there is this (and everyone who loves the Bucks repeat after me):