Friday, May 18, 2007

San Francisco = Pittsburgh West

To the yinzers who contacted their boyfriends and let them know I was in San Francisco:

Do you think that breaking into my rental car and stealing my laptop will stop me from exposing the truth about your backwater city and breeding habits? I will not be silenced!!!!!

Sorry for the lack of recent posts, but my computer was stolen while I was on the West Coast for business. I hope to start posting again regularly, so fear not my loyal readers (who number in the 9s). I have tons of stupid ideas for even stupider articles that I'm sure no one will care about.

On a side note, Cavs basketball, it's craptastic!!!!!


Dwayne Rudd said...

The nine of us can handle anything you throw at us. Just make sure its something really manly so we know this isn't the aforementioned San Fransiscans posting on your blog.

57's_Cousin said...

Which one of those guys are you, Hardaway? Those guys all look like members of the Dawg Pound, right before they start boozily heaving beer bottles at opposing teams and fans in the 4th quarter of another predictably s**tty performance.

Go ahead and malign the 'Burgh (which, by the way, was voted as the #1 place to live for the third time in 10 years). And go ahead and poke fun at its world champion team -- you guys can't even SPELL "champion" in the City of Burning Rivers. Oh well, there’s Big Dawgs, and then there’s Cleveland dawgs….woof.

(Hey, isn't that your laptop floating down the Cuyahoga?)

Hardaway Hates Pittsburgh said...

I'm glad to see some yinzers accidentally stumbled on to this site. Steeler fan want green drop drink?