Tuesday, January 8, 2008


That's how I wanted my team to come out last night! Inventive offensive formations, domination on the defensive line of scrimmage, running backs who grinded out tough yards, forcing our DBs into man coverage, mistake and penalty free football and a QB who stayed calm under pressure and made the right reads and the occasional key special teams play. Now if my team was the LSU Tigers, that's what I would be saying. Unfortunately, my team sucked. How did Tressel and staff manage to get thoroughly out-manuevered and field the less disciplined, both emotionally and mentally, team for the second straight year? That was ridiculous. Austin Spitter or Spitler or whatever your name is, how did you manage to miss that ball completely? That was taintrific, sucktastic and craptacular all rolled into one. Todd Boeckmann, Steve Bellisari called and would like to give you some pointers on decision-making and timing.

Let's see, in the span of one year, we've had the Tribe, Cavs, Browns and finally the Buckeyes (times 3) choke. Even when we do good, we still get kicked in the nuts as fans.

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