Monday, January 7, 2008

There's a football game or something tonight

This is too easy, so I will refrain from comment

I was in Phoenix last year in January, trying to score tickets to the big game. I almost paid 950.00 for two terrible seats. Best investment I never made, to say the least. My wife and I decided to watch the game from a bar in Scottsdale and proceeded to drink our sorrows away while being glad that I didn't give up a third of my mortgage payment to watch that craptacular game. I definitely don't feel the sense of excitement from Buckeye Nation that was definitely there last year and for good reason. I am glad we're the underdog. I think with no expectations, this team will be loose and motivated. I'm not guaranteeing anything, but I do think this team and this game will be much more competitive than any of the national pundits are predicting. Beanie Wells is a beast, and he alone will keep us in this game. My only other thoughts on this game is that Jacob Hester may be the missing link.

Hey team up North, why did you fire a coach who chokes in big games for a coach that chokes even harder in big games? Did they make up their mind before Pitt went in as a 28 point dog and handed the Mountaineers their grundles? Oh well, I take those comments back. Great Hire!

Even though we didn't make the playoffs (and we didn't deserve to after that Cincitucky game, even though Jim Sorgi couldn't start for the small school I played for and Tennessee really only had 9 1/2 wins), watching playoff football this week was pretty enjoyable. I was hoping DC would make it past Seattle just because I live down here and it would be nice to see them make it after all they've been through, but Todd Collins is Todd Collins, and it ultimately bit them in the butt. But the two most enjoyable games were definitely San Diego taking Tennessee out to the woodshed and revealing what a joke they are and what a pathetic excuse Vince Young is for an NFL QB. There was a clip when he came out of the draft comparing his throwing motion and Uncle Rico's from Napoleon Dynamite and they still look identical. But the piece-de-resistance of course was Jacksonville revealing the Inbred Valley Surrounded by 3 Rivers and Ben Toothlesshoofer as total jokes. Sure they made a nice comeback (aided by the worst pass interference call I have seen in ages), but in the end their retarded fans had to take their stupid towels and wipe away the tears and blood stains from the inveitable wife beatings that occured afterwards.

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