Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This crow tastes great!

Seeing as how I'm pretty cynical and I have been conditioned to always expect the worst, I am fully prepared to man up and say there is no freaking way I expected our Brownies to go 10-6. I remember before the season began that I was dumbfounded by our coaching hires. It looked like we recruited a bunch of castoffs and unprovens for 3 of our most critical areas - 2 of them that were absolutely dreadful in 2006. So, to Rob Chudzinksi, Ted Daisher and Steve Marshall, my hat goes off to all 3 of you. For both Ted and Steve, I think everyone was well within their rights to question and criticize their hiring. Ted was the special teams coach for the Raiders in 2006, and they were in the bottom 3 overall in League Rankings. Steve came over after serving as the Offensive Line coach for the Texans, who were to offensive lines as Pittsburgh is to literacy. Anyways, all 3 of these coaches deserve all the credit in the world for transforming and maintaining excellent units throughout the 2007 season.

I'm kind of relieved the Browns chose to make a drastic measure and can Todd Grantham. I'm all for staying the course when things are rough but measurable gains are madee for the future, but the schemes and passivity that the Browns' D showed this season was mind-boggling. If everyone's hunch that our personnel sucked was correct, then being aggressive was definitely the best way to mask our deficiencies. Seeing 3rd and 4th and long converted on a regular basis was inexcusable. Here's to hoping Mel Tucker can step in and make this unit mediocre!

Andy Varejao, I will never doubt you or make fun of you again. I love you and your game. We needed you. I missed you like a yinzer misses his terrible towel when he runs out of toilet paper.

5 out of the 6 big name Buckeye Juniors have come back, including Little Animal! Hurray! The SEC better look out! We are going to get bigger and faster on the defensive and offensive lines because of this.

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