Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cavs - Wizards Preview

Thank goodness the Cavs finally backed into a little bit of luck. The road to hoe as the second seed is substantially less problematic than being the fifth seed. I am writing this post as the Cavs are playing the Wiz in the first game of this matchup. It seems that they have taken this approach so far as well. The only strategy I can see being used so far is to be lethargic and hope the Wizards realize that they are supposed to lose. If I see Larry Hughes launch one more long 2 pointer with plenty of time left on the shot clock, I will drive up to Cleveland myself and teach him the basics of post play as taught to me by my middle school coach. This should not be a challenge at all. It is unexcusable if this goes to 6 games. There should be no drama, no side stories, nothing. This should be an absolute slaughter. With all that being said, I am sure this will go at least 6 games because this is Cleveland and nothing comes easy. Being down here in DC it's interesting to see the other fan base's reaction and attitude towards this series. I think the fans down here are as about as apathetic as you can possibly get for a major sports playoff series. There is no buzz on the local talk radio, not a ton of coverage on the news and by and large no big amount of hype by the fans. Even they are resigned to the fact that this should be a trouncing. I don't blame them, though. Imagine if Lebron and Larry were out for this series...we'd be toast. All this is setting up for us to let our guard down and for them to "shock the world"...stay tuned.

update: we won. whew.

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